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Home Hardware Supplier: Use Infographics To Sell Your Products

In addition to electronics, Home Hardware Stores offers a complete line of fixtures, cabinetry, doors and hardware, kitchen and bath accessories, and furniture.

To facilitate customer comparison shopping and save time when browsing, Home Hardware provides a quick look at product details and background information in the product description. Product images are usually small. The company’s website contains general product descriptions, but does not provide product images.

To view larger product images, users can click on the small arrow icon at the top right corner of the screen. Home Hardware typically provides detailed product information for selected brands and models.

The following paragraphs describe general artisan cabinet hardware product copy guidelines. For convenience, we recommend that you follow the product copy guidelines described in this document. If you have questions about which model or brand name applies to a new item, please contact the customer service representative.

General product copy guidelines generally follow the same general format. However, please be aware that infographics and photos may not accurately represent the actual product image or details. We recommend that you review the product images and information provided in the infographics and photos through the links provided. In some cases, Home Hardware provides links to additional website pages where additional product information and photos are available.

When using Home Hardware products for sale, it is critical to understand how to effectively use images and infographics to promote Home Hardware items. Often images and infographics are using to provide specific information or to simplify discussion about a given topic. For example, a Home Hardware supplier might create an image demonstration that compares several common accessories on sale in each style of cabinet.

A good way to ensure that your Home Hardware supplier uses appropriate images and infographics to describe your business, products, or services is to request product images and infographics from your supplier. A good supplier will create images and infographics to illustrate how your business works, how your products change the user experience or to emphasize a specific feature.

They should also create additional product images and infographics to describe the benefits of their product or to demonstrate other uses and advantages. If the Home Hardware supplier uses stock images or stock photos in their infomercials and promotional materials, it is important to request alternative images and/or infographics that demonstrate the actual product image or other lifestyle images that would better improve the effectiveness of the infomercial or other marketing materials.

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