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Factors That Influence The Cost Of Sprinkler System Installation

To keep your lawn looking green and beautiful, you need to water it. Watering ensures the lawn and landscaping plants get enough moisture. Using a watering can to water the lawn and plants is too much work. Instead, you should install a sprinkler system and schedule it properly to water your lawn and landscaping plants at specific times. But how much will you likely spend on the project? Keep reading to learn various factors that will influence the cost of sprinkler system installation in Idaho Falls.

Sprinkler Type and Brand

There are different types of sprinkler systems, such as above-ground sprinkler systems, that include rotating and stationary types. On the market, you can also find in-ground sprinkler systems that pop up from the ground when irrigation time comes. Besides, there are high-tech sprinkler systems that are automatic or remote-controlled to water the lawn and other target areas. Typically, in-ground and high-tech sprinkler system installation Idaho Falls will be relatively more expensive than installing a simple rotating or stationary sprinkler system.

In addition, the brand of the sprinkler system will influence the cost of the project. Different brands offer their sprinkler systems at different prices. Some sell their system at affordable prices, while others ask for high prices. So make a price comparison before you buy the sprinkler system.

Lawn Size

If you have a large lawn, you will likely spend more on sprinkler system installation in Idaho Falls. Large lawns will require more pipes, sprinkler heads, and labor, hence the high installation cost. However, if you have a small lawn, you will need fewer materials, and installation will take much less time; hence the installation cost will be much lower.

Number of Watering Zones

If you have lawns, herb gardens, flower beds, and other areas that need irrigation, the sprinkler system project will be more complicated. More materials and labor will be required to install such a complicated sprinkler system in several watering zones. So if you have more watering zones, get ready to spend more money on the sprinkler system installation project.

Landscaping Features

Steep slopes, stumps, rocky soils, utility lines, and other things in your landscape can make sprinkler system installation in Idaho Falls more difficult. More labor, effort, and even heavy equipment will be required to prepare the site, so you have to dig deeper into your pocket to fund the project. However, the project will be less expensive if the target areas have perfect soil and few obstructions.

The Contractor You Hire for the Project

Most sprinkler system manufacturers and suppliers offer installation services. So you can buy the system and let them install it for free or at a fee. This is the best option if you want to save money. Alternatively, you can buy the system and hire a contractor to install it for you. This can be expensive, and you may not get workmanship or product guarantees. So if you want to save money, look for a sprinkler system contractor ready to supply and install the system for you.

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