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Everything homeowners must know about asbestos encapsulation!

Despite new laws and norms, the use of asbestos in the construction and building industries remains a matter of concern. Health risks and other dangers related to the material is well known. As a remedial process, many commercial and residential building owners are opting for asbestos removal, which unfortunately is an expensive and hazardous task, which has many disadvantages too. In fact, only a few licensed contractors and expert companies can take up asbestos removal work legally. A better alternative is asbestos roof encapsulation. Here’s what you need to know.

What is asbestos roof encapsulation?

There are proprietary materials available for asbestos encapsulation, which basically offers protective coatings on the roof, so as to trap the asbestos fibers. The process basically seals the asbestos fibers, so that health hazards and other concerns can be avoided. Today, asbestos encapsulation is available for asbestos cement roof sheets, as well as, for asbestos cement wall cladding.

What are the advantages?

Compared to asbestos removal, asbestos encapsulation is much more cost-effective. Removal of asbestos is not just complicated, but it involves considerable money and effort. At the same time, the area must be vacated before the work is started and done completely. The disruption is also extremely minimal, since roofing or wall cladding won’t be remove. The work can be done quicker and is much safer for people and the environment. You can also reduce some of the relevant health risks. Since the work is just about sealing and waterproofing, there’s no need for planning permissions either.

Finding a company

Before you select a company for asbestos encapsulation, ask them about the procedure in detail. The time required for the job depends considerably on the size of the roof, but usually, things can be scheduled to match your requirements. Not all materials or sealants work for metal and slate roofs, so if you have any of these materials, talk to the concerned company, and also, it is a good idea to check if the same team can handle installation of roof lights and other improvement tasks that are required. If the roof is inaccessible, drone survey can be done by such services too.

Finally, get an estimate and ask about the guarantee on the work, which can be as much as 25 years with many firms. The estimate is usually decided after checking the roof and other aspects. You can check online and find more details on the best services near you!

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