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Common Things Bed Bugs Are Attracted To

Bed bugs are tiny creatures that are five to seven millimeters in length. They are exactly the same size as an apple seed. These bugs are oval-shaped and often cause itchy red bumps on the skin when they bite. Insomnia and Anemia are some of the health illnesses caused by bed bugs.

If bed bugs manifest in your home, contact the pest control service in Nampa to help eliminate the problem. Before reaching out for help from pest service, you should know the common things bed bugs are attracted to. 

Common things bed bugs are attracted to

Even if you have the cleanest room, bed bugs can still infest it. You can unknowingly bring bed bugs to your home by carrying them with you. Therefore it is advised to inspect your clothes for bed bugs when you arrive home from outside and wash everything.

  • Mattresses

Mattresses make a good hiding spot for bed bugs. It makes the ideal place because they are near the food source, which is humans. As bed bugs are roughly five to seven millimeters in length, they can easily slip between the fabrics of mattresses and hide inside them. 

  • Blood group

Some people believe that bed bugs are attracted to selected blood group types. But, there is no science to prove that they are actually attracted to these blood types.

Many media platforms published articles claiming that bed bugs generally do not like blood which contains alcohol. It means people who have been drinking are less likely to get attracted by bugs. It does not necessarily mean that you should drink more, but it helps professionals discover new methods to counter bugs.

  • Carbon dioxide

It is another fact that they are attracted to places where carbon dioxide concentration is higher than usual places. Humans do emit carbon dioxide, which lets bugs know where they are. At night, the carbon dioxide levels in your room increase, which signals the bed bugs to bite you. 

  • Certain chemicals

Bed bugs are not attracted to chemicals like ammonia, fabric softeners, or bleach. However, they are attracted to a chemical known as histamine, which produces itself from their body. When bugs manifest in your room, they release chemical histamine from their bodies to attract more bugs.

  • Warmth

Bugs are also attracted to warmer places. Human bodies generate heat and warmth, so bedtime is the best time when bugs attack them with bites.

It also explains the fact that places surrounding the bed, especially the headboard, have a higher risk of bug manifestation. 

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