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4 Situations Where You Should Use Corporate Lodging

Corporate Lodging is a great option for people who are traveling for lengthy periods of time, and there are many reasons to seek corporate lodging. Here are four situations where you should use corporate lodging.

1. You’re Traveling for Military or Government Business

Military personnel and government workers traveling for their jobs take advantage of furnished apartments quite often. These occupations typically require people to stay in areas for long periods of time when they travel. However, many military and government workers maintain homes in places like Washington, D.C. Corporate lodging may be a more attractive option for many of these people than buying a second house or renting a second apartment in another area of the customer would be.

2. You’re Traveling with Pets

Corporate lodging may be more accessible for people traveling with animals than other types of lodging. You should still check with the lodging company, but your pet is more likely to be approved to stay in a furnished apartment than in a hotel room. This allows your pet to stay with you if you’re going to be away from home for a long period of time, which means you won’t need to find a kennel or make alternative arrangements.

3. You’re Traveling for Your Company

Corporate lodging is mainly available for people traveling on business long-term, particularly for large companies. These people can be anyone from members of an internship program working far away from home to executives overseeing long-term projects. Corporate lodging is advantageous for the corporation, not just the corporation’s employees. A business may choose to partner with a company that specializes in corporate lodging. The lodging company will organize lodging for that business in exchange for guaranteed lodgers whenever the business’s employees are working in that area.

4. You’re Seeking Affordable Long-term Housing

While a quick glance at the lease may make it seem as though corporate lodging is expensive, you need to look at it in comparison to other available options. It may turn out to be cheaper than a typical lease when you look at the total cost and it’s typically cheaper for long-term travelers to choose corporate housing over extended hotel stays. When you choose corporate lodging, you’re not locked into a lease of a year or longer and you’re not paying for hotel amenities you may not need.

There is no single reason someone may seek corporate lodging. You can use it whether you’re working for the government or the private sector and whether your job is contract or executive management.

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